Sunday, August 14, 2011

One of my more lucid moments

I posted this on an internet forum a couple of years ago, just found it again today.

I recognize: 
A. Self-Defense is a GOD GIVEN right.
B. A firearm is the best all around tool for the job.
C. A firearm does me no good sitting at home or in my car.
D. A law that disarms me because I fear legal repercussions, has no effect on someone intent on doing me bodily harm.
E. Given the choice of either breaking the law and defending myself or being dead, I choose the former.
F. Any law and any law making body that would force me into that choice has no respect for me. And I show it the same. 

I still feel the same today.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Concerned Arcadia Fascists.

This is a sign at 48th St. and Indian School in Phoenix, Arizona.

It's in reference to the proposal to either build apartments or condos on this very street corner.

It was placed there by people who can't stand the idea of other people doing with their own property what they wish.

That makes them Fascists.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

F' the Tea Party

They with their clever saying "Taxed Enough Already"

It should have said" Balanced Budgets or Legislator's Heads on Pikes."

Debt Limit?

This isn't a "debt limit" this is a debt target.

They guarantee this money will be spent and we will have to do this again at a later date.

This wasn't a 'win' for the tea party.  The tea party was supposed to spend less, not reduce the rate of acceleration.

Only in DC does a "baseline" slope.

An interesting factoid from reading today: If we kept current not projected spending levels; TODAY's spending levels for nine years the CBO would call that a $9 TRILLION dollar reduction.

But we can't even afford that. We borrow somewhere around 41-43 cents of every dollar spend on the feral level.

No to put spending in line with revenues we would have to go back to the stone ages in terms of government spending: 2004!!!!

These people are crooks.  EVERY single one of them.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Race Card

Headline on Drudge (in red) today says "Dem flashes race card in debt debate"

It links to a story where Shiela Jackson Lee keeps questioning "why this president" is being treated differently than all others.

She claims that is because of his skin tone.  When in actuality it is as MLK would say "the content of his character."

Why are Republicans and Independents so driven to make sure the ZERO doesn't get re-elected?  BECAUSE HE'S A FUCKING COMMUNIST, not because he's black.   Although an argument could be made that he is a commie because of his race and his ancestry (of which we know anyway)