Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A dilemma

A preface:
I was until recently fond of quoting the Constitution.

As you know from the title of the blog, I'm more disenfranchised now with it and the founders than I've ever been.

The dilemma:
Judge Vinson in a federal court yesterday ruled the obamacare individual mandate unconstitutional.  The Feds argued in their briefs the individual mandate is the linchpin that makes the whole thing work and could not be severed from the bill.

The judge agreed with the feds.  And struck down the bill in its entirety.

In his ruling he also made it plain that the ruling was to serve as an injunction.

The obama administration said it wasn't.

Without getting into why this is potentially a Constitutional crisis, my question is a little smaller scale.

My state (Arizona) was a plaintiff in the case.  The injunction isn't being followed.  Is it right to ask my Attorney General for the state to file for an injunction?

If I do am I not asking for the coercive power of the state to be used?

Is it OK because I'm only asking it be used against the government?

By me asking my AG to intercede is that me giving my "consent of the governed"?


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