Friday, April 29, 2011

Silver and Gold

I just wanted to make clear something I have not seen elsewhere.

People constantly talk about an inflation adjusted price of gold from its 1980 high.  The number thrown about is $2250 in 2010 dollars compared to the nominal price in 1980 dollars of $850.

By that same rationale Silver which everyone says in "parabolic" and a bubble now would necessarily need to be at $128 today to be the inflation adjusted as the same Hunt brothers high from 1979 or $48.70.

It's under $50 today.

Not even discussing the AU/AG Ratio.

So silver was unquestionably 'overbought' by the Hunts.

But I don't think calling it at less that 40% of it's all time high in inflation adjusted dollars means its overbought today.

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