Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Debt Limit?

This isn't a "debt limit" this is a debt target.

They guarantee this money will be spent and we will have to do this again at a later date.

This wasn't a 'win' for the tea party.  The tea party was supposed to spend less, not reduce the rate of acceleration.

Only in DC does a "baseline" slope.

An interesting factoid from reading today: If we kept current not projected spending levels; TODAY's spending levels for nine years the CBO would call that a $9 TRILLION dollar reduction.

But we can't even afford that. We borrow somewhere around 41-43 cents of every dollar spend on the feral level.

No to put spending in line with revenues we would have to go back to the stone ages in terms of government spending: 2004!!!!

These people are crooks.  EVERY single one of them.

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